Metal finishing solutions for automotive, military and industrial interests – Australia wide.

SGW Solutions specialises in small lots so that individual jobs are not mixed, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and a minimal loss of minute parts such as screws, bolts, etc.

We are capable of handling jobs from a few parts into the hundreds and have 40+ years experience in the plating industry and industrial metal finishing. We have assisted many enthusiasts to restore old vehicles and boats.

  • Coating and Re-Coating of Nuts, Bolts and Small Parts
  • Zinc, Black Oxide, Drab, Magnesium Chromate, etc.
  • Military standards available on request
  • Small lots welcome
SGW Solutions restoring vehicles

Zinc Plating (Zn)

Zinc plating industry applications include:

  • Fasteners
  • Electrical
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Mining

Zinc plating properties:

  • Corrosion protection for steel
  • Flexibility after plating
  • Environmentally friendly plating
  • Chromate and topcoat choices
  • De-embrittlement / stress relieve

Zinc Barrel Small Capacity

Our small zinc barrel electroplating plant can provide for most small capacity requirements, ensuring fast processing times and reliable delivery schedules. Flexible formulation parameters allow us to meet a range of specifications and colour choices. We also provide de-embrittlement / stress relieving after plating if required.

Barrel Zinc Chromate choices:

  • Blue zinc chromate (silver)
  • Olive drab chromate
  • Black zinc chromate
  • Yellow zinc chromate (gold)

De-embrittlement for Zinc Plating

The de-embrittlement process (stress relieve) or heat treatment of the components which is performed after zinc electroplating (which can cause hydrogen embrittlement). The components are processed in an oven at a set temperature for a specified time to relieve the hydrogen and stress in the steel substrate.

All zinc electroplating done to international and national standards.

Black Magnesium Chromating

Black Magnesium Chromating

SGW Solutions also provides Black Magnesium Chromating – e.g gearbox housings, magnesium wheels, magnesium manifolds and parts.

This solution is suitable for the treatment of all types of magnesium alloys. It provides a dark brown to black coloured film and is used where a high degree of protection is required with negligible dimensional change.

We offer the services of cleaning and degreasing, aluminium oxide blasting and glass bead blasting in preparation for processing.

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